Presentación fotográfica, con las siguientes descripciones: - Vista lateral de parte de la fábrica, así como de unos silos que intervienen en el proceso de fabricación. - Materia prima en una cinta de desplazamiento. - Granza terminada saliendo del proceso de fabricación. - - Almacén de sacas rellenadas con la granza terminada.

Production process

Our production process is made up of efficient washing lines against any dirt, the most advanced extrusion lines of the market that guarantees an excellent filtering and a minimum of degrading during the process.

In our large capacity silos the fabricated pellets are homogenised and in our quality control laboratory we assure important aspects like fluidity, and additionally representative samples of our production are tested in extruders to determine exactly its behaviour before if reaches our clients. Definitively, everything is done and applied to give the best quality to our recycled pellets.